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Terms and Conditions

Loksatta Party is the pioneer in clean electoral funding practices and fought hard to bring policy changes and reforms in campaign financing. We are proud to declare that the party operates with integrity and transparency in its financial procedures. Every contribution will be published.

You need to be a citizen of India to make a donation. If you are Indian citizen holding valid Indian passport, you can make a donation. You cannot make a donation if you are not an Indian citizen, i.e if you do not have a valid Indian passport.

For all the donations to Loksatta Party, you will get tax exemption on the donated amount, under Income Tax Act 1961, u/s 80GGC (individuals) / 80GGB (business).

However, if you are living abroad and paying taxes there, you will not be able to claim deduction in foreign countries. If you are filing income tax returns in both in India and in a foreign country, you can file from the portion you are reporting to Indian revenue service.

You do not need to provide receipt along with tax filing. However you are supposed to keep it with you as proof of donation for auditing purpose. You can save the email receipt you get from the party after donation. If you want a physical copy of receipt, please send mail to info@loksattaparty.com.