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Frequently Asked Questions

Honest politics need honest money! We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts to consider donating to Loksatta party. All of your donations will be accounted. Be one of the proud donors of Loksatta party.

Am I eligible to donate?

  • You need to be a citizen of India.
  • If you are abroad and so not paying taxes in India, you can still donate as long as you are a citizen of India, i.e. holding an Indian passport.
  • If you are not a citizen of India, you may donate to organisations like People For Loksatta who work overseas to promote the agenda of Loksatta party.

Why is it mandatory to provide my accurate name, address and details?

  • Name and address details as listed in the bank account: Owing to Indian laws, in case of invalid or incomplete name and address, your transaction may be rejected or put on hold by banks and processing gateways. Please ensure that all details are filled in. We also needs this information to provide to election commission.
  • Accurate current residing country: If you are residing and donating from abroad, please do not select the country as India. Otherwise your transaction may be rejected or put on hold for the verification.
  • Passport number: If you are residing in India, you can skip this. We require this for all people living abroad. It is illegal to get donations from foreigners who do not hold Indian passport. We need this information to provide to Election commision. We also audit all the donations received periodically.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. For all the donations to Loksatta Party, you will get tax exemption on the donated amount, under Income Tax Act 1961, u/s 80GGC (individuals) / 80GGB (business).

However, if you are living abroad and paying taxes there, you will not be able to claim deduction in foreign countries. If you are filing income tax returns in both in India and in a foreign country, you can file from the portion you are reporting to Indian revenue service.

You do not need to provide receipt along with tax filing. However you are supposed to keep it with you as proof of donation for auditing purpose. You can save the email receipt you get from the party after donation. If you want a physical copy of receipt, please send mail to info@loksattaparty.com

What are my possible options to donate?

  • Credit cards
  • Net banking
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct deposit of checks, drafts and cash in banks. Please note that unless you complete the following, party may not avail the funds.

Regardless of the procedure you chose, please complete the form at http://win.loksatta.org and get the receipt number. This will make the process easy for you and the party as well. Unless we know the source of funds, we can not put your donations to use.

What is the procedure and care to be taken with credit card donations?

Go to http://win.loksatta.org and fill all the details and you should be able to complete in few minutes. Please follow the following guidelines.

  • You must report accurate name, address and contact details associated with the credit card so as it will not be withheld by provider bank.
  • Our payment gateway accepts Visa and Mastercard.

What is the procedure to donate using Demand Draft/Cash/wire transfer?

  • Please go to http://win.loksatta.org
  • Fill all the details and select option as Demand Draft / Cheque / Cash / Wire Transfer and you see the bank account number, address and codes.
  • Do one of the following.
    • You may go to local ICICI bank and deposit a draft/cheque/cash directly in the account of Loksatta Party. Please send mail to info@loksattaparty.com after transaction is done.
    • You may also send draft/check to party office and mention that you are donating to info@loksattaparty.com and provide online receipt number and send mail to info@loksattaparty.com after transaction is done.
    • If you are living abroad, you may also send wire transfer to the ICICI bank account. and send mail to info@loksattaparty.com after transaction is done.
    • You can also go to party office in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and donate and get the receipt. If you are living in U.S., use swift code ICICINBB008 for USD to INR (ICICI Bank) and if sending is from NRI/NRO accounts, it will be ICICINBBNRI.

Have a question about donor list?

You can find all donations at http://win.loksatta.org/donate/donations.php and your donation also will be visible by any one on website. If you prefer privacy, you can select to not show your name. Your donation will still be listed without your real name. While we report to Election commsion, We always report real names.